Announcing the 2022 Board of Directors!!

We are excited to announce our 2022 Board of Directors!!
We are happy to have everyone and looking forward to a successful season!
Thank you in advance for your time and dedication to the organization and the youth.


Director – Jason Baughey

Athletic Director – Tony Ford

Cheer Coordinator – Deidra Calloway

Assistant Cheer Coordinator – Shannel Leggett

Treasurer – Kayla Merle

Registrar/Secretary – Samantha Mercado-Cole

Concessions Manager – Rafael Ruiz

Fundraising Coordinator – Sandi Moreno Quiles

Volunteer Coordinator – Darlene Mention

Equipment Manager- Timothy Leggett

Field Manager – Josh Merle

Social Media Manager – Jessica Hall

Member At Large – Sean Dawkins

Member At Large – Brandon Sprague

Member At Large – Miguel Ayala

Member At Large – Lisa Eylar

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